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If you've come here looking for my 80's synth ReFills featuring Combinators from a few of the 80's songs I've "ReCovered", you can click here for more info on my 88MPH ReFills.
Reasonable Help
If you've come here looking for a great collection of Reason and Record Combinators that will take you deep into the understanding of programming patches, you can click here for more information on this helpful collection called EditEd4TV's Reasonable Help.
Korg nanoKontrol Files
If you're looking for a fairly customized remotemap for the Korg nanoKontrol, click here for more info on an ever improving collection of files called EditEd4TV's nanoKontrol Files.
Selig B3/147 ReFill
If you're looking for the absolute best Hammond B3 + Leslie ReFill for Reason and Record, click here for more info on a joint effort between myself and Giles "Selig" Reaves called The Selig B3-Leslie.
EditEd4TV YouTube Channel
Also be sure to check out this growing collection of videos on my EditEd4TV YouTube Channel.
If you're simply in the giving mood and want to send a few dollars my way, click here to make a donation.
The Free Stuff
If you've come here looking for the free stuff, or if you've come here from the PUF (Propellerhead User Forum) looking for a file Ed has just created for you, click here to check out ReasonFiles, a directory of helpful Reason .rns files, Combinator patches, and more. Some of these files are from Ed's "Reasonable Help 2010", while others will make it to the next version. You may also want to check out ReasonAudioFiles which compliment some of the .rns files. You may also want to check out ReasonRefills now and then to download refills that are possibly hard to find elsewhere.

Propellerhead's Music Making Month
If you've come here looking for the powerpoint from the Propellerheads Music Making Month presentation I did in May 2011, you can click here to download the PowerPoint file.
Online Seminars
If you're looking for a collection of online seminars I hosted in late 2010, covering all the new additions to Reason 5.0 and Record 1.5 (Blocks, Sampling, Neptune, Dr. Octo Rex, more), click here for more info on my Online Seminars.

Known as "EditEd4TV" on the Propellerheads User Forum, Ed has been actively involved in the Reason community for just over 3 years. Whether it's a simple patch creation or an extensive recreation of a full song, Ed is here to help.

The tunes available in the grid to the right are just a few of the songs Ed has either composed himself or recreated in Reason. Each one of these was basically hand-crafted with synth and effects patches made from scratch and/or based on modified factory soundbank patches. Also, 97% of what you hear is purely Reason Factory Soundbank and/or Orkester library, as well as the occasional Reason Drum Kit and Electromechanical refill. The goal was (and continues to be) to provide virtually every user the opportunity to listen and enjoy and learn from these compositions without the need for searching out dozens of free and/or costly refills. Lastly, keep in mind that all of these songs were recreated without the aid of sheet music... Ed relies completely on listening to the original composition with his ears to build the patches, pick out the instrumentation, find the notes and chords, and position the instruments in the proper stereo spectrum with the right effects and equalization. Sometimes the results sound "better" than the original, since Reason's output can be so perfect, crisp, and clean.

And now a word from Ed... each and every dollar you spend here goes to support my family. I make a living as a freelance videographer, musician, and audio specialist. When people like you support the little guy (me) financially, it makes it possible for me to spend much more time with my wife and kids, as well as a lot more time creating the things you've found here on my website. I hope you find what you're looking for... :)

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100% Reason compositions
created (or ReCovered) by
Ed "EditEd4TV" Bauman

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